• Posted by : Unknown Kamis, 06 April 2017

    About 2 months ago ... I was fun - fun to try playing games Elemental Knights Platinum turns exciting as well ...
    1 month of running I've started to know how to play this game ... and how difficult his search for the Round in this game...

    I was thinking of what game play should spend a lot of money to top up let me summon the gods ...

    Beginning find this cheat does is quite complicated ... should ask this,,, that's the question ... if you want to be a member must pay ...
    but there was someone who was kind enough to include me as a member of her without having to pay a dime,,, yeaaaaahhhhhhhh... ^_^
    Soon I know about the usage of Cheat Elemental Knights Platinum and its results WAOOOOW ... my char Rain Pt...
    tired definitely read the story above it ... I was also so tired of writing this too long .... wkakakaka

    1. Requires the Java runtime to run it. (probably the reason that the GM team can not block the Elemental Knights Platinum program). So that pretty Javanya just downloaded. computer is not already installed java please first download here (4shared) or directly to the site here

    2. Because the game is related to the gmail account, then gmail must be logged in browser (Mozilla / Google chrome) beforehand. if not, certainly Cheat Elemental Knights Platinum is certain to fail.

    3. Then prepare beforehand your Account ID and Password

    4. Open Cheat generator is below .... then enter your ID and Password Akun ..... and click the arrow button .... (do not reverse with step number 2 ... must log in first ... the new open cheat generator its)

    5. Wait Loading let this cheat generator works by itself ... this may take about 1 min ...

    6. Taraaaaaaaaa.......POINT will automatically increase by itself,,,,,

    7. Please log in and play Elemental Knights Platinum ....

    NB :
    1. Make sure your internet connection is fast. This is the biggest drawback of this cheat, cheat if slower connections may not work. But I think the average internet connection in Indonesia is already more than enough.
    3. Use this cheat via Computer / PC
    4. Mobile via UCBrowser

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